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Get Official Federal Bankruptcy Court documents by email within 2 hours the same business day. You may email with any questions at or simply place your order for fast service.

Added Conveniences We Provide

  • We Keep a Backup Copy for You : Once we pull your records we keep a backup copy for you, so if you ever lose them again, duplicates of a previous order are only $10. Duplicate sets requested within two weeks of your original order are free.
  • If You Find Out You Need More Records : If you order one package of documents, then find out you need more of your records, you can simply call us within two weeks of your original order and pay the difference between the two packages plus a $2 transaction fee (applies to electronic documents).
  • We Convert Old Paper Files into PDF : If your records are stored in an old paper file in a warehouse, we scan your records into an electronic PDF file for you (free of charge) so you can save them to your computer, print them, or email them to whoever needs them.
  • Courtesy Call : Once we’ve emailed your documents, we always give you a courtesy call to let you know they’ve been sent.

Bankruptcy Records Included in Each Package

DocumentsDischarge PkgSchedules PkgComplete File Pkg
Voluntary PetitionTickTickTick
Schedule DTickTickTick
Schedule ETickTickTick
Schedule FTickTickTick
Schedules A to CTickTickpacerTick
Schedules G to JTickTickTick
All Other EntriesTickTickTick
Final DecreeTickTickTick

All packages include the Discharge, Dismissal, or Final Decree – whichever was issued in that bankruptcy case. The Complete File includes all records available from your case.

Most Records Are Electronic

However some older records are warehoused, and some have now been ‘restricted’ due to having the Petitioner’s full Social Security Number on them. These files are available and require a manual retrieval. Warehoused files are custom orders – rates and turn times vary.

Corporate Bankruptcy Files

Please email any requests for CORPORATE BANKRUPTCIES.

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